African black soap is a traditional and all-natural product that’s made using plants of that origin what origin? African? Why will it be dark because it’s from Africa, or because the plant itself exudes this color when treated? This helps in providing the soap with its dark colour. In recent times, this soap has gained popularity globally because of the various benefits it provides to the skin. African black soap may not be a much-heard off term and we would like to share the reported benefits to see why it’s becoming the preferred soap of many across the world.  Benefits of the African Black Soap  Here are the top 9 benefits of the African Black soap: 

1. Considered safe for most skin types 

The traditional recipe for making African black soap is free from any fragrances, perfumes or dyes. This makes it all the more suitable for those who have sensitive skin or are allergic to soap that comes with additives. Black soap is a really good choice for them instead of modern soaps that are loaded with additives. However, best to check the label even with the African black soap, for those individuals with sensitivity towards perfumes, fragrances or dyes.  

2. Packed with antibacterial properties 

This soap is packed with properties that help remove bacteria from the skin. Various studies have shown that this soap is effective in keeping the bacteria away—such as Corynebacterium spp., Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus epidermidis, and Bacillus spp. Compared to the medicated soaps available over the counter, the African black soap was found to be more effective in removing and reducing the growth of certain bacteria.   

3. Helps in treating acne 

Another appreciated benefit of the African black soap is to help treat acne. Per a survey taken from around 100 users of the African black soap, 23% actually used and preferred it for acne treatment. Out of that 23%, 39% mentioned that the results were as per expectations, while the other 44% were mildly satisfied. Importantly, the majority of participants in the survey noticed that African black soap helped them with their skin conditions. 

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4. Helps with fine lines 

From a recent survey, a small number of participants who used African black soap for a while noticed that there was good improvement in getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles. This is backed by the anecdotal evidence that supports the usage of African black soap to keep fine lines away. For instance, people have been using this soap to prevent fine lines and wrinkles because of its antioxidant properties that help in fighting against the damage caused by free radicals.


5. Reduce dark spot appearance 

Hyperpigmentation, also known as dark spots or age spots are the portion of skin that has a darker complexion compared to the rest of the skin. Per a recent survey, 45% of people have claimed to be very satisfied, while the other 40% reported being somewhat satisfied after using black soap to reduce dark spot appearance. 

6. Helps with razor bumps 

In the same survey, roughly 46% using the black soap found that they have a very satisfying result with razor bumps while the other 46% were somewhat satisfied.   

7. May have antifungal properties 

According to a study, African black soap may help reduce the spread of fungal infections including Candida Albicans Yeast (you need to be careful about sentences like these that can sound contrary to what you really are trying to say!). This makes it a preferred choice for a person suffering from athlete’s foot or other fungal infections.


8. Doesn’t allow oil to build-up 

The oils and fats found in African black soap are very effective in cleaning your skin. This allows your skin to be free from any build-up of oil on the skin that results in clogging the pores.   

9. Natural exfoliation 

African black soap has a natural exfoliation property which helps remove dead skin, keeping the skin cleaner and fresh after use

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