Shower gels have gained popularity over the years as they are like liquid soap, available in several variants and are also safe, easy and hygienic to use. They are used as a body wash and also to wash hair. They contain milder surfactant bases than shampoos and also gentle conditioning agents as part of the formula. This makes them a suitable substitute to shampoo. Usually, no matter how safe the ingredients of a body wash, they are not meant for the face. Considering that the face skin is really delicate it is better one use a milder cleanser.   The individual’s skin type plays a key role in helping you choose what’s right for your skin. If your skin is generally dry and can get flaky, a shower gel is an excellent option considering the abundant moisturizing properties it offers – more than a bar soap. Bar soaps have a surfactant called Sodium Lauryl Sulphate that has a tendency to strip the skin of its natural oils. Bar soaps have a high PH level and when this comes in contact with the body’s natural low PH level, it could cause irritation and impact the skin’s texture. Shower gels score on this count. Also shower gels produce a copious lather with minimal scrubbing, without taking away the protective layer of our skin. A bath with good lather often leaves us fresh, clean and relaxed. A loofah would be really helpful in exfoliating the dead skin cells. They could be made of threads, hemps or any eco-friendly material. Last but not the least, shower gels are more convenient when travelling. Soap bars usually don’t dry and carrying them could be a bit messy. However, there is one soap that packs an amazing set of attributes, in fact several that are way superior feature to feature, compared with those in the best of shower gels – African Black Soap. Revered for generations for its extraordinary qualities, the African Black Soap is the ‘gold standard’ of natural soaps, just ideal for use on hair, face and body. To begin with, the African Black soap, world’s best natural skin cleanser is 100% natural with no chemicals or additives. It effectively addresses breakouts, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks, making it the ultimate beauty soap. The soap is packed with natural antibacterial properties and is an excellent alternative to chemical-packed face and body cleansers. And since it is natural, it is fragrance-free and safe on sensitive skin – absolutely safe on hair, face and body. The soap balances the body’s natural oil production. The most important feature is its natural moisturizing properties. Shea butter, a crucial ingredient in the making of African Black soap soothes dry skin and itchiness and cocoa adds moisture to the skin. The soap also boasts of proven anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in vitamin A and E. The soap can be safely used on hair, controls dandruff, cleans the scalp and leaves the hair enriched and shiny. Lovedale brings to you the original African Black Soap, made in Africa, using the same time-tested processes that have made it the world’s most preferred all-in-one beauty solution. As mentioned, it’s natural and packs a plethora of features that make it perfect for your personal care. Importantly, the soap is elegantly packed and comes with a loofah, which makes your ideal travel companion too. So switch over to the African Black Soap right away. It’s the only beauty accessory you’ll ever need.

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