Over the last few years, people are becoming more conscious about their appearance. Increasing disposable incomes, enhanced social life and awareness are making them focus on personal grooming and the need to appear presentable is higher than ever before. From hair styling to skin care, regular makeup to skin peels and Botox injections, there are several beauty treatments on the market, enthusiastically embraced by an audience that wants to look good.

Even as the horizon is filled with products, treatments and procedures, there is a growing demand for organic products with people getting aware about chemicals and the long term effects of synthetic solutions. Ayurveda based natural products are gaining traction from communities across age groups.

Lovedale is a-fast growing skincare and hair care solutions’ company producing pure, high quality beauty products for today’s demanding consumers. The company offers naturally made hair oils, soaps, gels and other beauty products manufactured using the finest quality natural ingredients and the most advanced technologies and processes. Lovedale is part of the Arikkat Group, one of India’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of the finest quality cooking oils including Coconut oil, Olive oil, Mustard oil and Sesame oil. The products are manufactured to the highest quality using the most advanced processes and supplied across India and abroad including USA, Canada, Middle East and Europe.

Lovedale is committed to creating products with natural ingredients using time-tested processes and the aim is to ensure they are as natural as possible, even 100%. The aim is to create products that offer complete satisfaction with the assurance of being pure and safe for use over the long run. Our products include:

Imported African Black Soap: Natural African Dark Soap has been used in Africa for centuries, trusted by generations for its proven properties in skin and hair care. Lovedale’s Imported African Dark Soap is made using the ash from dried cocoa pods, mixed with water to develop a natural alkali, Cocoa Potash. This is then combined with Shea butter, the most enriching natural fat extracted by breaking and boiling Shea nuts. The blending is done by hand, a skill invented over 2000 years ago to give the world’s most perfect handmade soap – the ‘gold standard’ among skin products globally.

The product is available in two variants – natural African Black soap Tablet (Cocoa and Aloe Vera) – Both variants are very effective in ensuring the skin is well hydrated, supple and healthy. They are also effective in reducing stretch marks and keeping the skin blemish-free. The soaps are safe for use on infants and those with sensitive skin.

Imported African Shower Gel – This 100% natural shower gel is safe for use on both body and hair over a prolonged period. The African Soap Shower Gel is made of ingredients used traditionally for centuries as an effective remedy for various skin, hair, and scalp related issues such as Acne, Eczema, dry skin, blemishes and psoriasis.

The shower gel is available in two variants (Cocoa and Aloe Vera) – The gel exfoliates the skin and scalp. The Shea butter, cocoa, aloe Vera and coconut oil further smooth and hydrate the skin making it look rich and healthy. Rich in Vitamin E, the gel works beautifully on the skin keeping it hydrated, clean and fresh throughout the day.

Going forward, we have several innovative beauty products in the pipeline and are committed to make our consumers beautiful from deep within by offering products that nourish and enrich while promising complete safety over long term use.

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