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Lovedale has a rich lineage backed by experience spanning 3 generations. Lovedale focuses on creating a range of personal care products including soaps and shower gels that are 100% natural and completely safe to use in the long run. Currently, Lovedale offers African Black Soap with Shea Butter in Aloe Vera and Coca variants and Shower Gels. These products are imported from Africa, made using authentic, time-tested processes and work wonders on your body, face and hair. The products help the skin retain its moisture and suppleness and also work to reduce acne and blemishes. They also nourish the hair, reduce hair fall giving it more body. Lovedale’s Imported Natural African Black Soap and Shower Gel is prepared using a time-tested process, perfected in West Africa over centuries. It Is Africa's best kept secret to flawless and evenly toned skin that glows all day without the use of any chemical-based cosmetics.

Our time tested perfected process

Allow us to take you through our scientific, yet 100% natural soap and shower gel-making process perfected over years by the best.

First, pure cocoa ash is obtained from dried cocoa pods which is then mixed with water to develop a natural alkali, Cocoa Potash. This mixture is then combined with Shea butter, the world’s most enriching skin moisturiser gathered by extracting natural fat by breaking and boiling Shea nuts. Then, using a technique of blending done solely by hand, invented over 2000 years ago, the mixture is combined to give the world’s most perfect 100% natural and organic handmade soap – the ‘gold standard’ among skin products globally.

Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to delivering total customer satisfaction at all times.


We always account for the highest standards in terms of quality and purity.


We wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to the job at hand at all times.


Our mission is to create and offer personal care products that are as natural as possible and of the highest quality and purity, using the best of raw materials and processes. We envisage working to understand customer needs and problems to create products that exceeds customer expectations and solve their problems while ensuring health and safety.


Our vision is to be amongst the preferred producers and suppliers of personal care products globally and to be recognized for our quality and purity.

How it works?

We work in harmony with nature and use quality natural elements in all our products. Our products are 100% natural or as natural as possible. Our products connect and balance the mind, body and soul to offer happiness, fulfilment, satisfaction, and acceptance. The natural harmony of plants and the balance of nature help us create these world class products.

True balance is achieved when our skin glows, we feel healthy and our spirit restores. We are inspired by pure beauty in the soil, flowers, plants and we wish you get it through our products.

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