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Lovedale adheres to the highest standards of integrity for its online visitors and recognizes the importance of the obligation associated. To follow and maintain these standards we have developed certain privacy policies.

Information collected

Lovedale generally collects personally identifying information with your total consent and knowledge. We may need your optional information with the request such as your age or gender.

How Lovedale uses your provided information

Lovedale solely uses the provided information to provide you with the service you have requested. We also use the information for further communication set-up with you regarding upcoming features, new products or services, or for improving the services provided to you.

Lovedale does not sell or share your email addresses with any third party. However, unless otherwise specified, we may share your email addresses and sell or share your information with carefully selected companies or our affiliates whom we believe can offer you the services or products of interest to you. If you want to opt out of your information getting shared, feel free to reach us. If you want to stop receiving any offers or communication from us, follow the unsubscribe instructions attached within the e-mail. If you have registered yourself on our website (insert link), you may change or update your information or preferences anytime you want within the provided section.

We also allow access to our database by third parties in return for the services provided consisting of technical maintenance or forums and job search software. However, the information is only provided to the extent and purpose necessary to those of services. Your information is also shared with our advertisers so that you can be presented with ads matching your interests. While Lovedale will seek to require such third parties to follow an appropriate privacy policy and not authorize them to entertain this information except for the purposes mentioned, Lovedale does not bear any responsibility for any actions or policies possessed by third parties. In case of legal occasions, we may provide access to our database to order to fulfil complete cooperation with police investigations or other legal proceedings.


We use cookies to control the displayed ads, track usage patterns on the site, record registration, personalization information and deliver editorial content.

For instance, on you registering to any part of Lovedale, you can opt to save the data of your name & password on your device and this convenience will be provided by us by placing a cookie on that device.

Our cookies may contain personally identifiable information and if required this may be shared with our affiliated companies.

Some of our advertisers might serve you occasional cookies, however, we have no control over the cookies provided by the advertisers.

If you don’t want cookies, you may opt-out by choosing the desired option served by your web browser.

External Links

Your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address is usually associated with the place you are accessing your internet and we may use this address to diagnose problems with our server, administer our website, and gather demographic information.

IP Address

We might provide links to external websites whose content we believe might serve your likeliness and interest. These websites are entirely reviewed by our staff for appropriateness for our audience, however, we do not control the privacy practices of these external links or conduct any ongoing reviews on the privacy practices.

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