Traditional African Shea Butter Soap


SIZE: 125g
PACKAGING TYPE: Fancy Box with Gloofah (Soft Skin loving loofah)

Essentially Shea Butter is the fat extracted from the kernels of Vitellaria Paradoxa. The compound consists of abundant UV-B absorbing triterpenes esters such as Cinnamic Acid, Tocopherols (Vitamin A), and phytosterols. The kernel is rich in phenolic compounds such as garlic acid, catechin, epicatechin, gallate, quercetin, and trans-cinnamic acid, a few of which are known to display antimicrobial activities. Manufactured By Arikkat Oil Industries

About the Product

Shea Butter Soap
The soap spells quality, class and reveals Africa’s best kept beauty secret of healthy, glowing skin. Arikkat’s imported Natural African shea butter soap is the most authentic you can get anywhere. Made using a time-tested process and perfected in West Africa, the African shea butter soap is made using Raw Shea butter, the world’s best natural skin moisturiser extracted by breaking and boiling shea nuts and lye to make a soap which is very rich in shea butter and will leave your skin moisturised the whole day, protects from sun and avoid dryness.

How to use?

Shea Butter soap can be safely used for the hair, body and face. How to use Shea Butter Soap for your hair?

Lovedale Shea Butter Soap can be used on your hair for a continued period of time and gives good results. To use, wet your hair and then use the soap to wash and bring out a gentle lather. Wash and repeat the procedure till your hair is totally clean. You could use your regular hair conditioner post this.

How to use Shea Butter Soap on your face?

To begin with, wash your face with water. Apply the soap and gently scrub your face. Clean your chin, neck and behind the year areas and rinse thoroughly. The soap consists of natural oils which penetrate the skin and also take out the dirt and surplus oils, leaving the skin soft, fresh and moist.

How to use Shea Butter Soap for showering and Bathing?

The soap can be used like any other soap while bathing. Get into the bath, wash your body and then apply the soap copiously to generate lather. Wash thoroughly to remove the soap residue and enjoy fresh, well moisturised skin for the rest of the day!


  • The is an all-natural daily cleanser and produces a rich lather that gently removes dirt, excess oil, dead cells and other impurities from the skin. It is safe on all skin types.
  • The soap’s key ingredient, Shea butter, moisturizes the skin, balances the skin’s PH levels. It is 100% natural and vegan, gentle on skin and contains no artificial ingredients that could irritate sensitive skin.
  • The soap is a natural exfoliator and works gently to remove the dead cells from the skin’s surface leaving the skin fresh.
  • It has strong anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin and control eczema outbreaks though not curing eczema.
  • It reduces hyperpigmentation and dark spots due to the Shea butter and other nutritious contents present in it. Shea butter also protects the skin from UV damage.
  • The soap gradually fades scars away and soothes burns.
  • The antioxidants in Cocoa pods, a key ingredient of African Black Soap, fights free radical damage and helps in reducing wrinkles.
    Regular use twice a day prevents the breakout of acne occurring due to propionibacterium, as it consists of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.
  • The soap cleans the scalp effectively creating an ideal environment for the growth of cells of the hair follicle.
  • The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties help fight fungal and bacterial infections such as dandruff on the scalp.


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