We all take a good cosy shower just about every day and hence it might seem a bit silly for you to learn about using shower gel, right? You must be thinking about what more you need to know about this simple process of applying shower gel with water, but we have some quick tips and tricks that you would love to learn. In this segment, we will be discussing how to ensure getting the most out of your shower gel every time and come out with an exceptional feeling of freshness!

Let’s get started:

Rinsing off

The first step would be getting your skin wet in the shower and if possible, prefer warm water that will form a bit of steam without feeling and being too hot. Washing your skin with too high a temperature would lead to dryness which will then counteract the hydrating effects shown by shower gel.

Washing hair

A common step to follow is to wash your hair before you proceed to wash your body. This is because when you wash your hair with shampoo, all the washed extract goes down your body while rinsing it off. And in any case, you don’t want the built-up oil in your hair or the soapy residue to end up staying on your skin. Hence make sure to wash your body after you are done with your hair to ensure you come out of the shower fully clean.

Don’t shy away from lathering up

Now that you are done with the first 2 steps, it’s time to lather up your body with the shower gel. Put the desired amount of shower gel into a loofah, washcloth or sponge since these products are highly capable of forming a rich lather along with exfoliating the skin while washing. If you are someone who prefers using only hand, you may need to use a little more of the shower gel to get the job done.

Wash it all up

Gentle, small and circular motion scrubbing all over your body will work from top to bottom. Start by washing your face and neck but be careful to not put the gel in your eyes while you continue to move your way down to your feet.

Rinse & dry

Time to rinse it all off with warm water and make sure all the foam and soapy texture is removed from your skin. Rinse out your sponge, loofah or washcloth as well. Pat dry yourself once you step out of the shower with a towel and use a good lotion to dampen your skin slightly for keeping the moisture intact.

Following these tips will allow you to get the most out of your shower gel. However, don’t skip on putting good quality lotion as it will allow you to experience the complete benefits of a hydrating shower gel. You can choose imported African black soap shower gel (cocoa) or imported African black soap shower gel (aloe vera) from Lovedale that is 100% natural! Our pure quality skincare products are waiting to pamper your body, soul and mind while keeping your skin super soft and healthy.

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